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Cutting the Cord Just Make Cents

Let’s face it … change is hard sometimes. We all get comfortable in our everyday routines and life seems easier if we just go with the flow – you know, status quo! “If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it,” right? But what if that “old way” is costing us more money? If you’re still paying […]

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Whole Home WiFi: The Advantages of Parental Controls and Guest Access

Access to the Internet has changed every aspect of our lives. It is literally always at our fingertips. It has changed how we communicate, conduct business and entertain ourselves. And while the Internet provides more convenience and options to connect more than ever before, it also poses challenges for parents. Children have never known a […]

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Wireless Broadband Service for Your Home: Understanding How Speed is Shared

Everybody loves pizza, right? There’s nothing worse than wanting a slice and realizing all the slices are gone and you’re left with only crumbs. Did you know your home’s WiFi is like that? Just like that delicious pizza, there are only so many slices to go around. Once those slices are gone, you get buffering, […]

Whole Home WiFi Systems: What is Point SmartHome?

Smarter homes require smarter WiFi, and that is precisely what Point Broadband’s Fiber Internet and Point SmartHome will provide. Discover more.


Smart Home Technology: How Does Point SmartHome Work?

Point Broadband Fiber Internet along with Point SmartHome powered by Plume will give your home the power it needs to operate efficiently now and into the future.