Spring cleaning isn’t just for the ominous hall closet or kitchen junk drawer. This year, take a few minutes to clean up your digital life, too. Much like your home, your digital life can become cluttered and difficult to use. A good digital spring cleaning can create a better user experience and keep your information and devices safe year-round.

Here are a few simple to-dos that will put you well on your way to a refreshed and renewed digital life:

  • Review your online accounts.

    • Closed any unused, expired or unwanted accounts.
    • Review each of the remaining account’s username and password. Update your passwords as needed to ensure each account is safe and secure.
    • Remove any information that is no longer needed, such as saved credit card information.
  • Backup important files

    • Move important files – such as special photos or personal documents – to a secure cloud service or external hard drive. This will allow your files to be safely stored and accessible.
  • Purge your inbox and desktop

    • Clean up your email inbox by creating files or tags. This will make finding that one particular email in the sea of 5000 easier when the time comes.
    • Organize your computer files and desktop by utilizing specifically named folders. Delete any files you no longer need. Be sure to empty the trash when you are finished!
  • Refresh your online information

    • Review and update your online profiles, such as social media accounts.
    • Delete old photos or download special photos you would like to keep.
    • Manage your location services (if shared) to ensure they are in line with your comfort level for sharing.
  • Ensure your devices are up to date

    • Install any operating system updates on all internet-connected devices. Keeping your devices updated will help prevent malware and viruses in the future.
    • Restart or reboot each of your devices for a final refresh.
  • Keep your digital life secure year-round.

    • Point SmartHome Whole Home Wifi powered by Plume allows you to filter content for kids, teenagers and adults and constantly monitors your home’s devices for security threats, keeping your digital life safe all year long.
    • Complete your spring cleaning with the best protection on the market!

Taking the time to refresh your digital life helps keep your information safe and your devices working at their best. And hey – this is spring cleaning you can do while sitting down! So pull up a chair, stream your favorite movie and get to work cleaning up your digital life!