What’s the Difference Between Mobile (Phone) Wireless Internet & Point Broadband Internet?

“What type of technology is Point Broadband? Is it like mobile phone hotspots?”

These types of questions are some of our favorite to answer! We are happy to say that we do not use mobile wireless technology. Instead, we use newer Fixed Wireless LTE technology. Whereas mobile wireless technology comes from one fixed point, we utilize two fixed locations to provide you with internet. Remember the old-school Nintendo game “Duck Hunt?” What made that game so difficult was that the ducks moved, making it hard to hit the target. Mobile wireless technology used by cell phone companies can sometimes be like that, always trying to hit a moving target. Instead, our internet locks in on one fixed location and is sent to another fixed location: your home or business. Add this up, and you have fast, reliable internet, #PoweredbyPoint.

Not only that, but unlike the mobile phone companies, we don’t cap your data each month (Ever! That’s right, use as much data as you’d like!), and because of that, we can offer high speed, reliable internet that is really good for gaming, streaming online video (Netflix, Hulu, YouTubeTV, and Amazon Instant Video), and much more!

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Thanks for considering Point Broadband – we’re happy to serve you!