Smart Home Technology: How Does Point SmartHome Work?

Homes today are more connected than ever. With rapid developments in security and comfort technology, along with the growing number of communication and entertainment devices we have, strong, reliable and secure WiFi has never been more important. The market for smart home products is expected to exceed $40 billion next year. With more connectable devices than ever, it can be easy to overload your current bandwidth with these new demands. While you can opt for a bigger plan or add a WiFi extender in an attempt to improve speed and reliability, the real solution can be found in a whole home WIFI system.

What is a whole home WIFI system?

A whole home WiFi system is an enhanced Internet delivery platform. It replaces the WiFi that comes through your router and modem with a fast, reliable, consistent signal that is relayed through strategically placed pods. These pods allow the Internet to be moved throughout your home, where it is needed most. With advanced AI security and real-time optimization, you never have to worry about a lagging signal or drop in performance.

Plume Pods

Point SmartHome powered by Plume uses Plume Pods. While the advanced security features and performance optimization stem from the cloud, the pods provide reliable, fast, consistent WiFi in every corner of your home.

How does Point SmartHome work?

Point SmartHome, works through the cloud to adapt to real-life activity, in real-time. This ability to adjust and modify your WiFi ensures that every room and every device in your home receives a reliable, fast connection, not only today but into the future as well. Your new, faster, reliable WiFi will be delivered from the cloud to a SuperPod that connects to your Point Broadband Fiber Internet. From there, the signal is sent through a network of smaller PowerPods. Your Point Broadband Technician will test signal strength throughout your home and place these Powerpods in rooms where you frequently use WiFi. Two PowerPods, in addition to your SuperPod, is typically sufficient for a 3-4 bedroom home; however, additional pods can be added at any time.

As your home continues to evolve with WiFi enabled doorbells, locks, thermostats and streaming devices, your WiFi solution will need to evolve as well. Point Broadband Fiber Internet along with Point SmartHome powered by Plume will give your home the power it needs to operate efficiently now and into the future.

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