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TV Antennas Make a Comeback

What’s not to like about free TV? And it’s going to get even better soon. By James K. Willcox June 27, 2017 Originally posted on Consumer Reports website. See their article here. TV antennas aren’t as outdated as you might think. If you live near a city, there’s a good chance you can get networks […]

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Point Broadband Customer Testimonial – Roy Jaeger – Bainbridge GA Area

At Point Broadband we don’t just pretend to have exceptional customer service. We actually do have exceptional customer service. Please don’t take our word for it – listen Point Broadband customer Roy Jaeger, one of our new friends in our Bainbridge, GA market. Are you ready for our #FastReliableInternet? We are here to serve you! Call us […]

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Point Broadband Network Upgrade Complete in Colquitt GA

West Point, GA – Point Broadband, a fiber-fed, Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP), based in West Point, Georgia announced today that the massive network upgrade in Colquitt GA has been completed. Earlier this year, Point Broadband acquired certain assets of Turner Broadband and made a commitment to upgrade the network to the latest, state-of-the-art, fixed […]

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How Much Broadband Do You Really Need?

Originally posted on Consumer Reports website. See their article here. June 22, 2017 Audio and video aren’t created equal when it comes to their demands on your broadband service. The difference is measured in bit rate—how much data travels to your home each second. You can see the bit rates needed to stream a few […]

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What’s the Difference Between Mobile (Phone) Wireless Internet & Point Broadband Internet?

“What type of technology is Point Broadband? Is it like mobile phone hotspots?” These types of questions are some of our favorite to answer! We are happy to say that we do not use mobile wireless technology. Instead, we use newer Fixed Wireless LTE technology. Whereas mobile wireless technology comes from one fixed point, we […]