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We take great pride in offering our communities a SMARTER and FASTER solution for Internet, TV and Phone, using our state-of-the-art fiber optic network. As a local company, we want you to have ultra fast Internet service to power all of your streaming devices, and crystal clear calls every time you pick up the phone.

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About Internet Speed

What is Internet Speed?

Internet Speed measures how long it takes data to get from the Internet to your device, in megabits per second (Mbps). Point Broadband offer speeds from 25 Mbps to industry-leading 1GIG, and all plans provide unlimited data each month. So regardless of your Internet needs, we’ve got the speed and plan that’ll work for you! The primary factors that affect your Internet speed are: Number of Devices, Internet Usage and Your Equipment

We Can Help You Find the Fiber-Fast Internet Speed You Need!

Select the number of users or devices used in your home to help select the best plan for your needs. Our plans and speeds may vary per market, please CHECK AVAILABILITY for the best offers in your area.

Here’s What Some of Our Customers Are Saying About Us

“Hands down the best internet service I’ve had so far. Reliable and better prices than Mediacom and ATT. I’m very happy so far”

“This is the best Internet company with a great price that affordable and get meet the needs of customer at every level… Is this a great Internet provider? Yes!!! Give it a try.. I did… And I love it”

“Best service I’ve ever had! Customer service is outstanding and the price/speed/reliability is WAY better than any of the national providers in my area. 100% Recommended!”

“We have been with Point Broadband for about a year now. We have had virtually no down time, regardless of weather or any other factor. Prior to Point, service was sporadic and unreliable and the temptation to go back to satellite internet was tempting, but because of the superior service experience with Point Broadband we could not be happier. We would hardily recommend Point Broadband to any one, or any business.”

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