What is Fiber Internet – and why is it better than Cable Internet?

We talk a lot about how we’re proud to offer fiber-fast internet to our customers. But what exactly IS fiber internet and how is it different from traditional cable internet?

Traditional cable uses the copper cable infrastructure to deliver phone and Cable TV service. This means that your internet connection could experience high-traffic slowdowns and interference from nearby high voltage equipment.

Fiber internet uses fiber optic cables – strands of glass only slightly thicker than human hair – to transmit light, or data, over long distances. Because fiber optic cables aren’t shared with cable TV or phone lines, you get a dedicated connection with minimal interference. Additionally, because fiber uses light rather than electricity, it’s not affected by bad weather, meaning when it’s storming and you want to watch a movie, you can rely on fiber.

Because fiber is so fast, it boasts symmetrical speeds. This means that whether you’re on a video conference call, playing your new online video game with friends – or even doing both at the same time – you get lighting fast download AND upload speeds. Traditional cable can’t do that.

Don’t settle for old-fashioned cable Internet. Upgrade to Point Broadband Fiber Internet today!