Point B.B. bringing Broadband Internet to Cuthbert

By Andrew Jansky

Point Broadband now offers service in in Cuthbert, GA

A faster and more reliable level of internet is coming to Cuthbert. The service is being brought by Point Broadband as part of a project to provide high quality broadband internet service to rural areas of the south. The service will become available following Point B.B.’s grand opening from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. Feb. 1 in Cuthbert. The event will be held downtown Cuthbert and will feature food, giveaways, details on signing up for service, and demos of opportunities for video and phone service options that will now become accessible.

Point Broadband’s internet service will now allow Cuthbert customers to have access to a robust, fast, and reliable internet capability that can be used for subscription-based streaming TV and internet-based telephone services. This will enable individuals and businesses who are closely watching their financial bottom line to consolidate multiple services into one, with broadband providing fast internet speeds so customers enjoy reliable video and telephone service. This empowers folks to enjoy both a wide array of online television options as well as activities like video chats with friends and family. Businesses will be more effectively able to host meetings using video conferencing. A local seminar is currently in development to introduce business owners to the potential benefits and expansion opportunities that broadband provides.

The new internet service will utilize a fixed wireless network to bring what is known as Advanced LTE Fixed Wireless Technology (LTE for “Long Term Evolution”) to Cuthbert. This will be the first of a number of small rural communities in Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi that Point B.B. aims to serve with high end Broadband internet service. Community leaders from Randolph and other nearby counties have been working for over five years to try and bring higher end internet service to the area. While previous efforts have run into various financial and technical obstacles, Point B.B. has been able to make it happen.

Point B.B.’s parent company, ITC Capital Partners (known as ITC) is a family owned, professionally run operation that both buys and creates innovative companies. The ITC name is in recognition of their long heritage in providing communication and broadband services, going back to 1896 with the founding of the Interstate Telephone Company. CEO Todd Holt notes that customer service is a very high value for ITC. “Honesty and Integrity are core values of our company culture,” says Holt. These values will mean 24/7 customer service for Point B.B. customers with friendly competent professionals prepared to serve all their needs. Holt emphasizes the high standards that ITC helps raise in the industry through bringing healthy business competition as it expands into new market areas.

Holt further notes the empowerment to the community that robust reliable internet provides. “It’s become a necessity as today’s internet world is video driven.” Having the capacity and reliability to run videos enables educational opportunities for children, access to the ever growing number of useful apps, and helps attract new residents and businesses to the area. “Not having fast reliable internet [in a community] is like not having good electricity a hundred years ago.” Point B.B.’s broadband service is a key step in enabling Cuthbert to move forward in community development.