5 Streaming Services Every Beginner Cord Cutter Should Be Using

By: Laura Smoots

Not sure where to begin now that you’re considering cutting the cable/satellite cord? Point Broadband has you covered. These are a few streaming services that will get you started in your new streaming life. And, don’t forget one of the most attractive features of streaming services….you can watch shows anytime, anywhere, wherever you have a good, reliable internet connection.


Netflix has been around the longest with a vast library of TV shows, movies, documentaries, children’s movies and programs, and original series. Starting as low as $7.99 a month with one standard definition stream and $9.99 for two concurrent HD streams, this service is a favorite among cord cutters. You can even stream Ultra 4k content for as low as $11.99/month. There’s something for everyone here!

Want to get started? Click here to make sure your device is Netflix compatible: Netflix Compatible Devices.

Amazon Prime Instant Video

Most folks already enjoy Amazon Prime 2-day shipping option, which also includes access to their Amazon Prime Instant Video library and service. Amazon Instant Video provides it’s members access to original hit series, some HBO content, plus many TV and movie options. If options are not available as part of the Instant Video membership, members can easily rent or buy the option to add them to their library and watch instantly. 

You can purchase Amazon Prime Instant Video for $99/year as part of their annual fee (which also includes the two-day shipping!), or $10.99 monthly Amazon Prime account (also includes two-day shipping!), or $8.99/month for just streaming video service.

Ready to get started (and do a little shopping)? Click here to check out these Amazon Prime packages. And to make sure your device is Amazon Instant Video compatible, click here: Amazon Instant Video Compatible Devices.


Starting at just $7.99 per month, Hulu has grown to a very receptive audience of cord cutters that enjoy network TV on-demand, without the hefty DVR and cable package fees. You can even bump up your subscription to the $11.99 package to cut commercials. Interested in Hulu, commercial free, with Showtime? That’s just over $20/month. Many of the shows are available the day after they air on these popular networks: ABC, NBC, Fox, and the CW.

Hulu is even starting to get into original content with several cool shows that debuted in 2016 and even more slated for later this year in 2017. While it’s not nearly where HBO and Netflix are with the popularity of their original series, they are definitely in the ballpark and slowly offering more critically-acclaimed content for their subscribers.

Ready to start a Hulu subscription? There’s even a 30-day free trial for new subscribers. Click here to make sure your device is Hulu compatible: Hulu Compatible Devices.

DirecTV Now

It’s not what you think. DirecTV Now is different from its predecessor, the satellite service, DirecTV. Do you want satellite or dish content without the hassle of  dish installation or an aggravating outage due to weather? Well, thankfully DirecTV Now is available to meet that need. Starting at just $35/month you will receive channels such as: ESPN, Cartoon Network, USA, HGTV, Nickelodeon, AMC, A&E, Food Network, Bravo, History, E!, CNN, FX, Comedy Central, Spike, FS1, TBS, Animal Planet, FXX, TNT, Disney Channel, Discovery, Lifetime, Nat Geo, SyFy, TLC and more. ABC, FOX and NBC are included as well, but only in select markets.

Other DirecTV Now plans range from $40-$70 per month with a no-contracts policy. It’s easier than ever to test out this service with a 7-day free trial. One thing to keep in mind is that DirecTV Now live-streams TV show broadcasts, so there is no playback option. If you’re tied to a DVR or TiVo service, this may be a slight adjustment.

DirecTV Now is available via a streaming app and subscription to service. Here’s a list of devices that are currently supported by DirecTV Now. DirecTV Now Compatible Devices.

Sling TV

Sling TV is also new to the scene offering smaller bundles of affordable and popular cable channels at a much reduced price. And, for those cord cutters that want to catch the big game, this service will fit the bill most of the time. These bundles cost anywhere from $20 to $40 and offer channels such as ESPN, AMC, CNN, HGTV, Disney, and many more. SlingTV, like DirecTV Now, is a live TV stream. For the DVR fans out there, there are rumors that a “Cloud DVR” option will soon be available to all Sling subscribers. Right now, Sling TV’s Cloud DVR option is only available on Apple TV.

You can try Sling TV free for 7 days! Sling TV is available via a streaming app and subscription to service. Here’s a list of devices that are currently supported by Sling TV. Sling TV Compatible Devices.


We hope you enjoy the brand new world of Cord-Cutting, and we are so glad that Point Broadband can help you cut the cord with our fast, reliable internet.

Stay Tuned

Have you heard of YouTubeTV? This service is very popular with cord-cutters. We’ll publish a full blog post about this exciting streaming service in the next few weeks.


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Point Broadband introduced as new company for rural internet

By: Powell Cobb

The Post Searchlight Original Article here.

Decatur County residents subscribed to Turner Broadband have grown more and more concerned over the past year with failing internet service and connection issues.

Owner Shane Turner spoke to the Decatur County Board of Commissioners Tuesday and introduced Jason Gaunt, the new COO of a company that is taking over Turner Broadband to provide fast and reliable internet service to customers around the county.

Point Broadband, recently formed through ITC Capital Partners, LLC in West Point, Georgia, has plans to launch services across three states starting as early as Feb. 1 in Cuthbert, Gauntt said. ITC Capital Partners has 130 years of experience in the telecommunications field, and both Gauntt and Turner are confident the services to be offered will be competitive and affordable.

“It sounds like it is going to be something pretty good for the Turner Broadband network and Decatur County,” Turner said.

According to Gauntt, 93 percent of Georgia has access to 10 megabit or higher connection speeds. It just so happens Decatur County is part of the other 7 percent.

“With the population that resides in this county, the existing customer base and the access to certain other infrastructure, it’s a very compelling story for us to go in and take a lot harder look, which we have done,” Gauntt said.

By Friday, Gauntt and Turner are expected to have a contract solidifying the merger. Also on the to-do list is a contract with Decatur County that will spell out the stipulations for Point Broadband to use county towers to mount its equipment on.

Additional equipment and upgrades to the current Turner Broadband equipment are in the works, Gauntt said.

“Hopefully we get the agreement tied down with Turner,” Gauntt said. “We want to stabilize the existing customers that are on the network today, and we are going to replace all the equipment that is on towers serving customers today with new, next-generational equipment to offer a new, more reliable service.”

Gauntt also alluded to the possibility of offering telephone and cable services down the road so customers would not have to rely on two or more providers at their homes.

“We are that confident,” Gauntt said.

The rough price range for service is between $60-$70 with connection speeds of five, 10 or 15 megabits. Commercial packages will also be offered that will cost more, but provide guaranteed service without a data cap.

Point Broadband is conducting studies across the county and compiling data to form heat maps, which show coverage points that will indicate where service will be.

Gauntt said he expected Point Broadband to be offering internet service to Decatur County within the next four months.
“Shane and his staff have done all they can,” Gauntt said. “It’s time now for us to come in and help him. A new face.”

As for new jobs, Gauntt said the success of the company will determine how many positions are created. If Point Broadband can return to the 3,000 customers Turner Broadband once had, then up to five new jobs could be made, he said.

Point Broadband selects Telrad LTE for Multi-Million Dollar, Multi-State Deployment

Leveraging high-power LTE technology to help rural customers access high-speed connectivity with options of ‘cutting the cord’ from traditional phone, satellite and cable services

Lod, Israel – December 21, 2016 —Telrad Networks, a global provider of TD-LTE broadband solutions, today announced that Point Broadband, a subsidiary of ITC Capital Partners, LLC and located in West Point, Georgia, has signed a multi-million dollar contract with Telrad Networks. Point Broadband will deploy Telrad LTE technology for their multi-state operation, which offers wireless broadband Internet services to underserved residents and businesses in rural and suburban areas.

Point Broadband’s initial deployments will cover areas of Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi, with plans to expand into several additional markets. The Internet Service Provider offers rural cities and towns, who have limited or no Internet service, high speed wireless broadband connectivity that meets the standard requirements of any modern day Internet user. Point Broadband has embraced the concept of ‘cutting the cord’, meaning that with reliable Internet, customers can use VoIP and entertainment streaming, enabling them to discontinue expensive landline phone, cable or satellite TV services.

Using a combination of the 3.65 GHz and 2.5 GHz frequency-bands, Point Broadband is leveraging licensed and semi-licensed bandwidth to develop the most dependable and uninterrupted Internet service.

Telrad technology enables Point Broadband to roll out a reliable, fast Internet service. Powered by Telrad’s flagship BreezeCOMPACT base station, the network offers key differentiating features which influenced Point Broadband in choosing Telrad’s standards-based LTE solution, including its affordable and scalable EPC, the advanced software-defined radio (SDR) base station capability, which allows for software-only upgrades, and the ability to overcome non-line-of-sight challenges.

“Telrad Networks is a key partner for our ISP business,” commented Todd Holt, chief executive officer of Point Broadband. “Their state-of-the-art solution supports our aggressive roadmap and business goals. With Telrad’s high-powered coverage, high capacity bandwidth and consistent connectivity, we are able to offer our customers the reliable, robust internet service they deserve.”

“We are honored to be selected by the Point Broadband team as the LTE solution provider for their large Internet service operation,” stated Chris Daniels, vice president and regional GM of North America for Telrad. “Our LTE solution was designed specifically for fixed broadband wireless networks such as this one, combining the power of LTE standards-based technology with flexibility and technical excellence. Telrad’s fixed-focused LTE improves operational efficiency and creates greater business value for our customers. We are very pleased to see our North American footprint growing with high quality organizations like Point Broadband, as more and more operators are leveraging the benefits of our LTE offering for fixed broadband.“

Point Broadband takes a very local approach with their business, offering a percentage of profits from a city or town to be donated back into the community.

Telrad solutions, operating in the sub-6 GHz bands, offer reliable fixed wireless broadband connectivity, with cost-optimized configurations, lower total cost of ownership, and NLOS capabilities. With maximum coverage and capacity, operators maintain more efficient, cost-effective networks that deliver an optimal user experience.

About Point Broadband

Point Broadband is headquartered in West Point, Georgia, a small town on the border of Georgia and Alabama. We are a proud subsidiary of ITC Capital Partners, LLC. ITC has a century long history of providing innovative communication solutions to its customers, with a focus on serving the communities where its customers live. ITC has been successful building, owning and operating wireless networks and broadband businesses over many years.

We want to be more than just your Internet provider. We want to help customers connect friends and family, help businesses connect with more customers, and just simply make the world a smaller place. With no monthly usage caps and no contracts, our customers have the flexibility to connect with anyone, anywhere, at any time. (

About Telrad Networks
Telrad Networks is a global provider of innovative LTE broadband solutions, boasting over 300 4G deployments in 100 countries. Telrad stands at the forefront of the technology evolution of next-generation TD-LTE solutions in the sub-6 GHz market. Since 1951, the company has been a recognized pioneer in the telecom industry, facilitating the connectivity needs of millions of end-users through operators, ISPs and enterprises around the world.  (

New internet provider serves Randolph Co. (Georgia)

By Amanda Hoskins, Reporter

Original WALB article can be found here.

RANDOLPH CO., GA (WALB) – Friday, February 10th 2017

A new internet provider is targeting rural areas of South Georgia.

Point Broadband is now available in Randolph County.

Folks at the company’s headquarters have an ongoing relationship with the power company in the area.

When they learned about the need for internet there, they wanted to help.

Residents say they are happy to see another option for internet.

The company has served roughly 100 people since it opened last week.

“A lot of these rural areas have been left behind. It gives us the opportunity to be able to offer something that is not only wanted, but needed in this area,” said director of installation Sonny Taylor.

The company uses a special aerial technology that allows them to get to even the most remote locations.

If you want to learn more, the office is on the square in Cuthbert.

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